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nm (or blank cond box) = near mint (basically mint but has probably been read one or 2 times)
vg = very good (very little visible wear, pages white, no tears or folds, read a few more times than 2)
g = good (visible reading creases, no major tears or folds, pages may be slightly yellow)
p/f = Poor to Fair, (yellow pages, tears, major folds, missing covers).
TPB = collected/graphic novel
b&w = black & white
OOP = out of print

Title Author publisher Year Cond. Comments/genre Buy it now!
Buffy the Vampire Slayer # 3 Watson Dark Horse 1998   $5
photo cover (3B)
Akira #1 Katsuhiro Otomo Epic Comics 1988 vg-nm $30
small visible binding crease on front cover. as far as I know this is the first english printing in comic form of this, and it's in color.
Signed! The Reaper of Love and other stories TPB Berni Wrightson Fantagraphics Books 1988 vg $30
I had this signed a few years ago at Chiller Theatre in NJ. Wrightson is a great old school horror macbre writer and artist. The cover has very slight wear on edges.
Kiss Psycho Circus # 13   Image   nm

Destroyer Part IV

Gloom Cookie # 3 Serena Valentino Slave Labor Graphics Dec 1999 nm $5
This is one of the few decent goth series' in print today, it's a cute story about this girl and some other goths and their adventures and silly fantasies.. it reminds me so much of the NYC goth scene.
The Children's Crusade # 2 of 2 Neil Gaiman + others DC/Vertigo Jan 1994 nm $6
True Crime Comics Special # 2: Apocalypse in Waco   Eclipse   nm $5
The David Koresh story
Calibur presents # 8   Calibur Press   nm $3
mature audiences, short stories: Deadworld, Fugitive, Where's Lucifer, Sting Inc, Eye of the Hero, Finster, & Fringe
The Realm handbook # 1   Caliber Press     $2
It's sort of a map and info on the world.
The Realm #s 1, 2, 3, 4, 5   Caliber Press     $10 for the set
Realm of the Dead #s 1, 2 (of 3)   Caliber Press   nm $4 for the pair
Realm-Deadworld crossover
Deadworld #s 1, 6   Arrow Comics 1986 nm $3 for the pair
Boots of the Opressor # 1   Northstar may 1993   $4
A terrifying tale of the old south - good story
Welcome to Chillville # 1         $4
really cool freaky pumpkin cover
Christian Dark #s 1, 2 Michael Adamczyk Darkue Studios   g-f $4 for the pair
fine shape but both are creased and have a curve to them (from being in the back of a not full comic box)
Cold blooded: The Burning Kiss # 1 Rafael Nieves Northstar 1993   $5
Splatter #s 1, 2, 7 various Northstar 1993 nm $8 for all 3
Erotic horror, very sexy covers
Daimons # 1 Richard Kane Ferguson (not sure if he wrote or just did the art) Cry For Dawn 1993   $15
Dark # 1 Scott Frantz Rebel Studios June 1991   $4
Necrophasia: Demonique #1   London Night Studios     $4

Dr.'s House of Freaks

Art Penn Starhead Comix   vg $8
Featuring a comic of the Jim Rose Circus Sideshow
Dream Wolves # 1 Daniel Presedo London Night Studios 1993   $4
has some sexy nude wild chick in it
The Extremist #s 1, 2, 3, 4 of 4 Peter Milligan DC/Vertigo sept 1993   $6 for all 4
dark erotic thriller
see pic of all 4
Bid for this now on GothicAuctions!
Fiends # 0 Tim Tyler Fathom Press Summer 92 mn $7
signed by Tyler, great art
Flesh Crawlers # 1 of 3 Richard Rainey, Michael Dubisch Kitchen Sink Comix 1993 nm $3
nice art style
Genocyber #s 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Tony Takezaki Viz Select Comics 1993 nm $20 for the set
cyber anime style
Guyver # 1 Yoshiki Takaya Viz Manga Heroes 1994 nm $3
cyber anime
Guyver # 4 Yoshiki Takaya Viz Manga Heroes 1994 nm $3
cyber anime
Happy the Clown Gary Francis ? ? vg-nm $4
The Hunting # 1 Rafael Nieves, Andy Dimitt Northstar     $4
Jake Thrash # 1 of 3   Aircel 87-88? vg $2
Lazarus Churchyard #s 1, 2 Warren Ellis Tundra 1992   $7 for the pair
gothy, nice color art inside
Tears # 1, 2 William J. Harms Boneyard Press Oct 1992 nm $2 each
1st printing
Paradox   Dark Visions Publishing     $5
Cool goth-fantasy cover
Pumpkinhead #s 1, 2 of 4   Dark Horse Comics     $6 for the pair
Screen Monsters # 1 - Frankenstein Ron Rockett Comic Zone sept 1992 p/f $2
basically it's in great shape overall but the spine has some bends in it (from being one of the last comic in the box and folding over)
Sepulcher   Caliber     $3
Shadow Man # 1 Abnett & Lanning Acclaim Comics     $5
Sinergy # 1 various Caliber Press     $3
bunch of shorts
this one has a Dave Cooper story (he wrote cynthia petal's alien sex frenzy - for sale on my adult comics page)
Sinergy # 2 various Caliber Press     $3
bunch of shorts
Sinergy # 4 various Caliber Press     $3
bunch of shorts
Twilight People #s 1, 2   Calibur     $6 for the pair
UFO's: Alien Contact # 1   Comic Zone   p/f $1.50
basically it's in great shape overall but the spine has some bends in it (from being one of the last comic in the box and folding over)
Underground #s 1, 2, 3, 4 Andrew Vachss Dark Horse 1994 nm $7 for the set
Great story about post apocolypse & sewers & subways. Lots of punks on covers and inside
Der Vandale   Innervision   p/f $1.50
was folded in half once (top to bottom) but still looks fine other than the fold
Xenya #s 2, 3   Sanctuary Press     $6 for the pair
Cool covers, #3 has sexy babes on it
V #s 7, 8, 12 Cary Bates DC 1985   $2 for all 3
#12 is poor, part of front cover missing, the others are good cond.
based on the TV mini series
Star Wars Boba Fett # 1/2 - 2 copies John Wagner Dark Horse dec 1997 nm

$12 each
color, mail away from wizard mag # 78, each has a certificate of authenticity

Mr Monster Attacks! # 1 of 3 Michael T. Gilbert Tundra Aug 1992   $3
mars attacks looking cover
Mr. Monster's Triple Threat 3-D Michael T. Gilbert   1993   $3
3-D glasses still in tact, they punch out. Front cover has a girl in lingerie, back cover has a superhero guy spanking a witch over his knee
The 3-D Zone: The Weird Tales of Basil Wolverton # 2 Basil Wolverton The 3-D Zone 1987 vg-nm $2
glasses included, great cond
3-D Alien Terror # 1   Eclipse 1986 vg $3
slightly yellow, no glasses, Thomas Yeates cover
Twisted Tales 3-D # 1 Richard Corben (art & story) Blackthorne 1986 vg $4
yellowed pages, no glasses
Tales of the Black Diamond TPB Richard Corben & Rich Margopoulos Fantagor Press 1993 vg-nm $15
An anthology of erotica and gore in graphic novel form by Rich Corben and Rich Margopoulos. Great B&W artwork inside, just look at the great cover art by Corben, I almost hate to sell it.
Outlaw Nation # 1 Hard D. Fisher Boneyard Press 1993   $4
Beset By Demons Michael Paul McLester Tundra 1992 vg-g $4
Cover slightly scuffed, no major damage, magazine size, mature readers.
Written & illustrated by Michael Paul McLester. Stories include: "Spider's Cabaret", "Sketch Notes", "3 Anthropomorphic Hyenas", "Spider and I", "The Sack-Cloth Martyr", and "Read Something Else"
Smiley the Psychotic Button Anti-Holiday Special # 1 Jesse Leon McCann Chaos! Comics 1999 nm

This is from the creator of Evil Ernie and Lady Death, it's about Ernie's evil smiley face button.

Smiley the Psychotic Button # 1   Chaos Comics Apr 1999 nm $3
This is from the creator of Evil Ernie and Lady Death, it's about Ernie's evil smiley face button.
Dark Shadows # 1, 2, 3 David Campiti, Scott Rockwell, E. Silas Smith Innovation 1995 nm

$12 for all 3 

Faust # 10b (rebel edition) David Quinn, Tim Vigil Rebel Studios 1993 nm $3
Star Trek Deep Space Nine ashcan # 1     1993 nm-m

Hero premiere edition # 1, gold foil letters on cover

Star Trek Deep Space Nine ashcan # 1a     1993 nm-m

Hero premiere edition # 1A, photo of crew on cover

Blood & Kisses Leif Jones Fantaco 1993 nm

Very gothy, great artwork

The Clown: Nobody's laughing now Robert Bliss & Igor Fleetway/Quality   nm

Thin graphic novel book, all color, cerial killer clown.

The Allagash Incident       nm

a true story by Charles Rak & Jack Weiner, based on the real supposed group alien abduction.

Children of the Voyager # 1 (of 4) Nick Abadzis, Paul Johnson Marvel/Frontier 1993 nm

raised, glow in the dark cover

Ranma 1/2 Part 5 # 1 Rumiki Takahashi, Gerard Jones Viz Select Comics 1992  


Ray Bradbury Comics#s 1, 2, 3   Topps 1993 nm

$9 for the set
Sci fi stories, #1 has a Richard Corben story, #3 has a William Stout story. The polybags are open but I have the trading cards that came with them somewhere.

Sinbad Book 1, # 3 R.A. Jones Adventure Comics 1990 vg-nm


Blade 1/2 wizard comic offer     1999? mint

$12 each (I have 2)
has a certificate with it

Bloody Bones and Blackeyed Peas # 1 Linda Turner & M.H. Murray Galaxy Comics 1984 vg

color, pretty good all age horror/spooky legend stories.

Niro X: Hellina, Special Ltd San Diego edition   Entity Comics 1996 nm


Lady Pendragon # 1J Matt Hawkins Image 1999 nm

Remastered edition

Lady Vampre # 1   Black Out Comics   nm


Gothic # 1   5th Panel Comics 1996 nm






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