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My Want List

These are hard to find/out of print cds, videos, books, video games, etc. Any tips on where to get these or even where to start searching (aside from the obvious search engines) are appreciated.

Some of these are just things that I would love to recieve as gifts (I've already located them). If you are a huge fan of mine you can mail things to my po box: DB, PO Box 2490, Clifton, NJ 07015, USA. Of course, I'm not that material, I always love homemade gifts, and a high price doesn't mean I'll like it more.

Many non-hard-to-find items can be found on eBay.

See also the top of my video trade list

Format Title publisher/label Comments
PS1 accessory Barbie GamePad Interact It's smaller and made for a girls hand, unlike regular game controllers. Used is ok as long as it's in great cond. I got one but I have a few friend's who's daughters would love this so I'm still looking for them.
toy all of the Nightmare before christmas beanie babies Disney store I'm not sure how badly I want these anymore but I won't turn them down at a good price.
toy Any Spumco dolls Spumco I have none, despite John K. being one of my favorite animators of all time.
tarot cards The Gothic Tarot - by Leilah Wendell Westgate I see them on eBay sometimes, and they have them on the Westgate site.
Book Sleeping Beauty: Memorial Photography in America by Stanley Burns M.D. Twelvetrees Press Only 4000 of these were printed in 1990, post-mortem photography from the 1840s through the 1920s, 200 pages, 76 b&w and color illustrations. (found several copies for sale at Bookfinder.com for $100-$200)
DVD All Edward Penis Hands vids see imdb.com Another hilariuos porn series
DVD Interview With The Vamp see imdb.com Porn version of Interveiw with the Vampire, Lestat is portrayed as a female with some silly name.. Lestatette or something.
jewelry Fairie Pin (click for the photo)

I saw this on eBay and fell in love with it.. unfortunatly I wasn't home when the auction ended to make sure I won :-(. I'm willing to pay a decent ammount for it.

Wig Lavendar Sailor moon style wig (click for the photo) Someone I used to know got this in CA years ago, I can't find it anywhere, I have found a wig shop that will make it for me for over $100, I'd like to pay less. I think it goes for about $60. I may just make my own one day.


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